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Happy Birthday, Rachel Carson!

May 23, 2018

If you haven't heard of the name Rachel Carson, now is the time to make note of her incredible legacy.


Rachel Carson is one of the most memorable American marine biologists. She had the ability to write about nature in a way that made the reader feel as if she was sitting on soft sand while feeling the gentle ocean breeze. Although Carson had a gentle approach to writing, she still managed to get a critical message across - the natural world is in danger. Carson has been said to be a catalyst to the contemporary environmental movement.


Pictured left to right: Commissioner Frank Avila, Leslie Goddard, Sharilyn Avila at Tea with Rachel Carson.


This Sunday, May 27th, Rachel Carson turns 111. Commissioner Frank Avila had the pleasure of having tea with Rachel Carson in February. No, it was not the real Rachel Carson, rather, an award-winning actress and scholar who has been portraying famous women and presenting history lectures for more than ten years. Leslie Goddard (pictured in the middle) went through Carson's life - with the ups and downs - and included how Carson stirred the pot in the environmental movement. 


View a clip of Leslie Goddard's Rachel Carson performance here. And find a full list of Goddard's portrayals here


Rachel Carson showed us how to revere our natural world; how to protect it; how to be gentle with it. Let's continue her legacy by being mindful of our actions' consequences on the environment around us. 


Some ways to reduce your footprint: 





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