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Five McCook Reservoir Tour Dates Remaining

August 22, 2017

Over the last century, the MWRD has been adjusting to storm water issues such as pouring rains that overwhelmed local sewer systems, polluted waterways, and flooded communities. One way the MWRD has adjusted has been by building the McCook Reservoir. Reservoir legislation was authorized by Congress in 1988 and then modified in 1996, and construction began in 2000. Now, phase I of the reservoir has been complete, which holds 3.5 billion gallons of water. Phase II of the reservoir will be completed in 2029 and will hold an additional 6.5 billion gallons of water. "Completed features include pumps, aquifer protection in the form of an overburden cut-off wall, and a multi-stage grout curtain around the entire perimeter of the reservoir," according to the US Army Corps of Engineers


McCook Reservoir tours are scheduled for Aug. 27, Sept. 17 and 24, Oct. 1 and 15. To reserve space, call 312-751-6632 or email tours@mwrd.org. 


Take a tour and bring your family and friends, as educating the public about sewage management and flood control is just as important as tackling the issue at the source. "These tours are integral to our mission of transforming water and promoting education, transparency and innovation in stormwater engineering," said MWRD Commissioner and Chairman of Finance Frank Avila. "By opening our doors to the public, we are encouraging the public to learn more about the challenges of managing our water and to take ownership of protecting their own water environment because we cannot accomplish this herculean task alone." The MWRD is excited to see you at a McCook Reservoir tour! 

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